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LGBT Stories is a podcast that aims to illuminate the intimate lives of LGBTQ people from around the world as a way to light a path toward acceptance among all people.

We believe that the best way to instill compassion in the anti-LGBT community is by helping all people relate to the experiences of the LGBTQ community. Over time we hope to help these all people not only to accept LGBTQ people as a community but as individual humans, just as we all are, ourselves. It is only from that point that our society can move forward as a fully integrated and united force.

LGBT Stories presents real stories of LGBTQ people with the purpose of creating opportunities for those who are less accepting of the community to relate to our guests as their fellow humans, recognize when past judgments about LGBT people have been unfair or inaccurate, and better understand the community as a whole. The podcast also creates a community for people who identify as LGBTQ to commune as one - crafting friendships and allies with each other.

These stories document the struggles, questions, triumphs, and epiphanies that real LGBTQ people face as they explore their true identities in relation to the public, their friends and families, and their own inner realities. This includes not only our guests' decisions to come out but -- even more importantly -- what life is like for them every day.

At the core of LGBT Stories is the belief that understanding others not only facilitates acceptance but goes even further by allowing us to identify with each other's views, emotions, and beliefs and, in the end, become truly united.

May 26, 2017

The B in LGBT… Bisexual.

Today Michael tells a story of what he says is “…being free from any specific way of loving someone”, bi-sexual.

In my opinion, I believe that bi-sexuality is the most thrown around identifier in the acronym LGBT. It’s the one identifier that society is far more accepting of when a woman identifies as so… it is fine, in a way it almost considers “hot, or sexy”. On the other hand, when a man identifies as bi-sexual they get oftentimes labeled as straight-up gay (an very much so in a negative connotation). So while many men who are bi-sexual greatly enjoy male on male sex they are more than often made to be shamed for it, therefore resulting in them remaining closest. That is why I am so pleased to share Michaels story with you today.

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