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LGBT Stories

Nov 6, 2019


Hi everyone, today, in place of our regularly scheduled story episode, I would like to spend some time with a few updates about where LGBT Stories is at and where we are going!

I thought it would be lovely to share some of the ratings and reviews LGBT Stories has gotten over the last few weeks on iTunes! Seeing these come through is hugely encouraging. I have to be honest, even though I see the numbers daily of how the podcast is doing, it's easy for me to go to a place of wondering if anyone is even listening. When I see your ratings and comments on iTunes, man, it just fills me up!

If you would like to support us by rating us with a 5-star rating, I would be forever grateful! Simply open the Apple podcast app on your iPhone, search for the show, and scroll down. You'll see the rest from there.

Some of you might wonder what happens with donations? Well, that's a great question. It goes right back into the show. It cost money to host our show on all these different platforms, social media marketing to spread the word of new episodes takes time and money, and it also goes back into getting new merch for yall to win and buy! And that is only a few of the different things that it takes to keep this beast running! This week alone, I spent $250 on audio equipment that I wasn't expecting to spend. But hey! Y'all need excellent sound quality, so its totally worth it! All this to say that your donations are being put to work!

If you'd like to contribute to LGBT Stories by donating or buying some merch, you can easily do that by going to our website at and clicking donate or shop at the top of the screen!

Let's talk about future episodes! As the holidays are coming up, I would love to release special Thanksgiving and Christmas Day episodes! If you or someone you know has a coming-out story of them coming out to their family on Thanksgiving or Christmas day in the past, please email me at with your contact info! I would love for you or them to tell that story on the show, and we air it on its respective day this holiday season! Don't wait on this... the holidays are closer than you think!

If you don't know, every month, we donate 5% of all profits made on merch sales to a non-profit voted on by the LGBT Stories community. This is how it works. On the first of the month, I post a Facebook poll in the private LGBT Stories group with choices of who you would like us to make the donation to. Once a day or two has passed, the org with the most votes wins and will receive the donation on behalf of all of you.

So, this month, the winner is "The Trevor Project." That means that if you purchase any of our merch from our website, 5% of our profit will be donated to The Trevor Project! Amazing right!

The last thing I want to share with you all is our weekly giveaway! Every week we want to give away a free merch item to one of our listeners! And we are making it really easy to win! Simply go to our IG and like the latest photo from that week promoting the week's giveaway! You must follow us, like the photo, and tag two of your friends in the comments to be eligible to win! It's that simple. The winner will be chosen every Saturday!

Well, that's it, everyone! I hope you enjoyed all the updates! Looking forward to tomorrow's "Me." episode as we continue going on the journey of my life. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging as I share my personal story on the show.

Always remember, keep loving one another.



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