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LGBT Stories

Aug 9, 2017

If you’ve been listing to the show from the start you’ve most likely heard episode 4 called The Trans Experience. That episode continues to be one of our top downloaded episodes and is also the episode I get the most feedback on from people all over the world about how much it has helped them in one way or another.

With that said, today we will have the chance to hear another story from a transgender women. Today you’ll be listening to Sharon Brown’s story. Sharon is a trans women of color who grew up in the south. Today she resides here in Los Angeles, CA. 

Im excited to share Sharon story because I think it sheds a light on the segregation within ones own family that not only trans men and women experience but many LGBT people in general are faced with throughout our lives. At times the distance can be self-inflicted, and more often than not, it is put into motion by family members. That is a big part of Sharon’s story. In fact it is something that shaped her upbringing, and what life looked like for the majority of her adult life. 

Telling Sharon’s story is meant to further our mission to unity two communities together in acceptance. I firmly believe that when those non-accepting, or those whom don’t understand the LGBT community, take the time to humble themselves and try to find some commonality between the LGBT community and themselves, that the possibilities for acceptance are endless.